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  • Carnie !!

    Carnie !!

    I have always loved the mystic of Carnivals and the people that work them. "THE CARNIE" shares that mystic that I have always felt being around them since I was a kid!

  • Middle America Farming

    Middle America Farming

    I grew up in the Midwest, in the middle of all the corn fields--- Thats how I started as a Agricultural Photographer shooting for John Deere, International Harvester, Sucessfull Farming, Dekalb and Pioneer Seed-- It is still my first love and I am still shooting projects for John Deere 38 years later!

  • The Wyeth, Amish Harvest Lady

    The Wyeth, Amish Harvest Lady

    I was up in Berlin Ohio covering a rare opportunity to follow some of the Amish around without bothering them---- This was an Amish lady that followed her husband around with his four mule team cutting wheat.  She would go along and gather the excess by hand.

  • Amish Hats!

    Amish Hats!

    This was at an Amish barn raising, where they would pile their coats and hats as they were working. 

  • Patina Metal in Montana

    Patina Metal in Montana

    While I was up in Montana working with the different Native American Indian Tribes-- I kept coming across vintage virgin tin--- I wanted to haul them all home!!!

  • Picker Head Hot Rodder !!

    Picker Head Hot Rodder !!

    This is a perfect example of an ol' HOT Rodder Gear Head with the Mr. Horse Power Woody Woodpecker  and all tattoo!  I saw the car on a backwoods road and pulled in to see it and this guy walked out wanting to know my business!! We hit it off and talked for an hour!

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  • The Drag !!

    The Drag !!

    DRAG RACING! I started out in my early years as an old "DRAG RACER"!  I was 17 and running a 1938 chevy coupe on Nitrios -- I could stand it on it's back wheels thru the first 3 gears and run in the low 10's in the 1/4 mile!   I have been shooting a series on Nostalgia Drags the last couple years

  • Four Mule Team-- Head'em Up Boy !!!

    Four Mule Team--  Head'em Up Boy !!!

    There is nothing more calming than to watch the simplicity of the Amish working things the old way in Ohio-- I can still hear him yelling out on the turns, "YO NOW, HEAD'EM UP BOY'S" !!